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Is Metallic Epoxy Floor Good?

Is Metallic Epoxy Floor Good?

Most Broward County, FL, residents want a durable floor that’s easy to clean and will withstand the test of time. Although many homeowners think of a hardwood or vinyl floor when brainstorming residential flooring ideas, a metallic epoxy floor provides more protection...

Which Concrete Coating Type Should You Use?

Which Concrete Coating Type Should You Use?

Concrete floor coatings are a very effective way to keep your floors safe and enhance their appearance. However, there is a wide range of concrete coatings to choose from, making it difficult to determine the most appropriate option for your concrete floors. In...

What Are the Best Concrete Coatings for Old Homes?

What Are the Best Concrete Coatings for Old Homes?

What are the best concrete coatings for old homes? The answer is: you need to keep it simple. If your home is old and you want to protect your porous concrete floors, don't try to go all out with a complicated system of coatings, sealers, and primers; it will make it...

Why Epoxy Is A Popular Choice Among Concrete Coatings

When it comes to floor coatings, epoxy is one of the most popular choices. There are many reasons for this: epoxy is long lasting and durable, it offers a variety of styling options, it's quick and easy to install, and it's affordable. Epoxy can be applied to many...


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